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The [bl]og of Poker


SuperGirl makes game time decision on go-to Bikini for the trip! Posted by Picasa

Vegas Eve

Final preparations are in progress...

We leave tomorrow morning for Las Vegas, taking with us only that which fits into carry-on luggage, and a p-h-a-t cashier check.

I am officially in Vegas mode, having checked-off the remaining items off the 'Ease-into-Vegas' manual:

  • Acquired party-pack of Migraine medication, chapstick and gum from Costco;
  • Located cell phone charger, backup sunglasses and all 9 casino player cards;
  • Achieved Jedi status for complete disregard of money (by going to Nordstroms and buying a ridiculously overpriced Movado for SuperGirl that I knew was half the price at Costco);
  • Asked neighbor to safe-keep all credit and ATM cards in an undisclosed location until my return;
  • Using 7 towels to dry myself off after coming out of the shower;
  • Chanted the "I-won't-buyin-for-more-than-2k-at-any-blackjack-table" mantra while forcing myself awake after 3 hours sleep;
  • Anesthetized all intellectual, rational and real-world thoughts and emotions;
  • Wrote myself self-affirmation notes (a-la-Phil Helmuth) and affixd them randomly onto household appliances, and on the backs of our dogs.
I am ready. I even went to this old-school barber shop called V's and got a real shave and a shoe shine for the trip.

I've taken the following reading material for inspiration, pool time and down time:
"Whale Hunt In The Desert" and "Professor, the Banker, and the Suicide King"

SuperGirl has taken her 3K bankroll (in cash) broken down in the following manner:

  • 1K in shopping;
  • 1K for "private" Pai-Gow time (no idea what that means and I'm scared to ask);
  • $500 in spa time (I hope I can get that comped); and
  • $500 in gifts for her family back in Florida (SuperGirl is benevolent even when she's not working).
SuperGirl has also reserved the right to infiltrate my gambling bankroll at any time should she come across a Lucky Leprechaun slot machine, or a pair of Versace jeans that actually fit -- whichever comes first, or both should she find them in the same location.

So that's that. We're going into the Space-Time Continuum that is Las Vegas, and hopefully, I'll never come back.