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Blue Ribbons are AWESOME!

Seems a picture says a thousand words and inspires many more. Flush with the joy and sense of accomplishment stemming from having been awarded the first Blue Ribbon of my career, I am faced with the daunting task of a follow-up. I may have established precedence that transcends obligation! It's actually a tremendous honor to be recognized by a site as prestigious and comprehensive as OddJack -- even if it's more to do with SuperGirl than it is with how to play tough pocket pairs in early position.

Though many transients to this site will no doubt seek more pictures of SuperGirl, they will have to yawn through this brief passage until SuperGirl actually gets her bikinis out of storage (what exactly her bikini’s are doing in storage in the dead of summer is alas another post entirely).

Vegas Preparations:

Exactly 2 weeks and counting … this amount of time is grueling. Seems the close the date approaches, the more I sense days pass in dog time. So, let’s call it 14 dog weeks and spare any further discussion on anticipation levels.

From the Ease-into-Vegas manual, I’ve managed to get through steps 1 through 5:

1) Completed required movie viewing;

2) Handsomely tipping random people for any act of kindness, consideration or general humanity;

3) Lighting fire to small and medium valued paper currency with progressively increased disregard;

4) Paid SuperGirl $40 for a 2 minute lap dance in front of the (appalled) neighbors while reciting remedial gaming theory;

5) Evening out the daily shots-of-alcohol to hours-of-sleep ratio;

Thanks for reading.


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