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Vegas Bankroll

I just had a terrible 15/30 Hold’em session at PokerStars which cost me about $700.

That’s not so bad given that the amount is fairly nominal a swing in a game of this limit. What is *bad* is that I’d been up over a thousand $! I attribute my loss to over-bluffing. I was called by bottom pair at least 4 different times by 4 different opponents, each time with a dangerous board exposed. It’s not like I never showed any good cards either, so I don’t know what’s what … anyone know of a good plumber??

I tell you … leaks notwithstanding, there’s a ton of evidence pointing me to reason that luck has more to do with results than it does to skill. I know … typical exhaust from a losing player, right? I don’t know. I say the same thing when I win too – so, I’m not sure what to think. I can’t wait until someone puts out a well thought-out treatise on the true role luck plays in Poker.

Countdown continues … Just 8 more days until Vegas…Currently, I’m going through extensive deliberations with myself on the exact bankroll I intend on filing. Other than deciding between taking SuperGirl to Jaguars or Sapphires, the bankroll dilemma is the most crucial puzzle to piece prior to departure.

As of this thought, I plan on 10K – deposited ideally ahead of time. This may seem too much for some, not enough for others. Just about right for me, my love of Sushi, Craps, Pai-Gow and Poker.

When I deposit 10K into the Paris cage, the host and VIP department know I’m not fucking around and have little intention on spending my time elsewhere playing nickel video poker – at least not at the onset. This gives me a touch of leverage with respect to my “implied comp odds” (this is a poker blog after all) – I check-in through VIP, they see I’ve got 10K at the cage, and suddenly, my request for the LeMans suite accompanied by a $20 doesn’t sound so outlandish. If a suite isn’t “available”, perhaps impromptu passes for shows or spas might materialize.

I will go with a cashier check. I’ve heard people disagree with this move, but here’s my logic:

Cashier check will allow me to write markers at Bally and Paris; it will help me avoid carrying too much cash and impulsive purchases, i.e. lap dances; force me to gamble responsibly at other casinos where my markers won’t be honored; provide me with very official statements of session wins and losses for self accounting and tax purposes, and best of all, should I leave a winner, my cashier’s check returned to me, plus a very nice and easy-to-carry casino drawn check for the difference (up to the value of my cashier check of course).

This should come with a disclaimer… but, for now, I will use 4K for table games, 4K for poker (including tournaments) and 2K for NFL and MLB betting (go Cards!).

SuperGirl’s bankroll requirements are amusing, and deserving of an entry unto themselves – which I’ll save for tomorrow, with hopefully, more beautiful shots of the most delicious super hero ever to grace this desert's landscape!


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