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Few Words

I’ve spent this week getting current on all things WSOP. There’s been much to write, but with all eyes and ears on that which matters most, I’ve chosen to defer the bulk of my posting for less competitive times.

I’ve been rotating my online leisure time (is there any other kind?) mostly between TAO (live blogging updates are terrific), LasVegasLasVegas (great photos and commentary) and Cardplayer (mostly for the video interviews), absorbing as much of the material as possible – I’m strapping these memories tightly into my cerebral cortex for easy recall during the 11 grueling months through which I’ll have to wait once this big circus comes to a close.

You see, the single objective I will aim to meet this year is full participation in the 2006 WSOP. And what better reinforcing motivation is there than that which we’ve all been enthusiastically watching & reading with such fanatical enjoyment, passion and awe?!

I suspect I am not the first to raise this proclamation and further opine that once the WSOP fever hits its apex (just around the 2nd round of ESPN’s repeated WSOP coverage), there will be a furious number of foolish men like me, gunning for Poker immortality (I have humble ambitions, wanting just to get the rush of being listed on Pauly’s site as a fierce contender, and listed on OddJack as no worse than a 10-1 dog w/3 days left to play)!

ESPN’s glossy rehash coverage commencing later this month will be great, though somewhat anticlimactic since results of the high profile hands will have already been revealed.

Still though, the coverage and that of the DVD likely to follow (not to mention the hype) will serve admirably as just the right amount of fuel that my tank will need to get me 1) the consecutive time-off work this time next year; 2) the bankroll to adequately compete for so long a time; and 3) the necessary and all too important support from SuperGirl (you think the Bluff Girls need a SuperHero on their squad?) -- more to follow -- Cards are in the air!


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